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natalia pierandrei
birth place
Fabriano, Italy
Jesi, Italy

Natalia Pierandrei, better known as 'nati', is a traditional illustrator based in Italy. Her work is mystical, startling, detailed and very original.

Each piece is a collage of genres melded into a sophisticated, exotic, totally unique style: Art Nouveau, European graphic novels, gothic and classical fantasy themes and Japanese anime and manga.

For two years during college, Natalia lived in Tokyo and fell in love with everything related to Japan and its culture. You’ll see the influence throughout her work.

Natalia has had no formal training except for art classes in elementary and middle schools. She believes that practice is the key to improvement and refinement: observing people, places and things, how light falls across them, what shapes and forms they take, and then drawing, drawing, drawing with passion and dedication!

Natalia accepts freelance art assignments. She posts her artwork to online art communities and runs a personal website, She works predominately with markers, creating a mixed media painting style that includes watercolors, colored pencils and soft pastels.

Her illustrations have appeared in various art books, the most notable being "The Art of Faery" and "The World of Faery" by Paper Tiger. Her most recent project is "Precious Things", a book dedicated to her artwork which will be released in France in November 2007 by "Le Calepin Jaune Editions".

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